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Yea Yea Baby is a song by Laurel Aitken originally recorded in Kingston in 1960.

"For once the words aren't worth quoting, but the music is a slow pulling non-Boogie Blues eld by a continuous four note riff from trombone, tenor sax, piano and Ken Richards' electric guitar.This is reminiscent of the more well known "Oh my" by fellow veteran Derrick Morgan, that was to follow shortly afterwards, and was a hot, if short lived, musical craze in Kingston in 1960.
Another Jamaican musical giant make it's appearance, the heavy dignified, fat tailgate trombone sound of another Cuban-Jamaican, Rico Rodriguez. The extended solo just takes the song to another level. Solid gold."


Recorded with Ken Richards And His Harmonisers in Kingston, 1960.


  • Laurel Aitken (voc)
  • Ken Richards and His harmonisers
  • Rico Rodriguez (tb)

Release historyEdit


  • 7"-side: Blue Beat BB 14-B /UK




  • The History of Blue Beat. The Birth og Ska B1 - B25 A & B Sides (3CD Not Now)

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