Some boys who were impressed by Xalam 1 formed Xalam 2 [1]. The younger musicians helped their "stars" with small services and were thus allowed to play the instruments of Xalam 1 from time to time. That's the legend. In fact in the beginning they played the same variety of Latin-American, Afro-Cuban and North-American music. But they added rhythms and melodies taken from traditional West-African sources. This direction was not accepted by the audiences, but Xalam continied on this way to eventually invent Mbalax and to combine Mbalax with elements from jazz.

Their brake-through followed in 1975 when they toured Africa with Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela.

1979 they received a "Golden Palm" at Horizonte-Festival in Berlin. After their retour to Senegal they played the Jazz-Festival in Dakar and made a West-African tour playing in Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia and Nigeria.

In 1981 they visited the US and contributed to a Walt-Disney film production on African music. Since 1982 the were based in Paris and touring a lot, mainly around Europe ...


Founding members:Edit

  • Cheikh Tidiane Tall (solo g)
  • Idy Diop (perc)
  • Abdoulaye Prosper Niang (dr, perc)
  • Henri Guillabert (synth, keyb)
  • Ibrahima Koundoul (voc)
  • Baye Moussa Babou (b)
  • Moussa Diongue
  • Jean-Pierre Gandour
  • Sanoussi Sidibé
  • Daniel Gandour
  • Xalifa Cissé (voc, perc)

Additional membersEdit

  • Abdou MBoup (perc)
  • Samba Yigo Dieng (solo g)
  • Ansoumana Diatta (as)
  • Yoro Dieng (tb)
  • Moustapha Cissé (perc)
  • Jean-Philippe Rykiel
  • Souleymane Faye (voc from 1985 to 1988)



  • Adé. Festival Horizonte de Berlin (LP: Xalam XPS 001)
  • Marche à l'ombre (LP: RCA Milano A 258 RC 250 LC 8126)


  • Gorée (LP: Celluloid CEL 1925)


  • Apartheid (LP:, CD: Encore! ENC 134 C / Mélodie 9334 DK018)


  • Ndiguel

year unknown

  • African Roots (LP: Milkway Records FC 2428 883)
  • Xarit (CD: Jet Set/BMG 259 009)
  • Kanu 2 b/w Sidi Yella (7": Celluloid CEL 1925)

see also Xalam 1


  1. The following information is taken from the book Mbalax Mi by Cornelia Panzacchi


  • Mbalax Mi. Musikszene Senegal / Cornelia Panzacchi. - 2. Aufl. - Wuppertal: Hammer, 1997.

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