Xalam 1 [1] started in 1965 with a group of pupils and their tutor and guitar player Sakhir Thiam who later became minister for higher education (ensegnement supérieur) in Senegal. When he left the group to continue his studies in France Cheikh Tidjane Tall took over solo guitar. The played afrro-cuban, latin-american music as well as pieces from Jimi Hendrix.

Members were:

  • Sakhir Thiam (solo g)
  • Willi Sakho (b)
  • Cheikh Tidiane Tall (solo g)
  • Bra Thiam (g)
  • Mbaye Fall (voc)
  • Maguèye Niang (voc)
  • Madiama Fall (dr)
  • Tidiane Thiam (voc)
  • Charles Dieng (voc)
  • Papa Niang (voc)
  • Bassirou Lô (sax)
  • Diegou (sax)
  • Sala Kassé (perc)
  • Gana (voc)

see also Xalam 2


  1. The following information is taken from the book Mbalax Mi by Cornelia Panzacchi


  • Mbalax Mi. Musikszene Senegal / Cornelia Panzacchi. - 2. Aufl. - Wuppertal: Hammer, 1997.

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