Too Much Pressure was the first album by 2-Tone band The Selecter. It was released in 1980 on 2Tone Records. Rico plays on two tracks, "Carry Go Bring Come", and "Black & Blue".

Too Much Pressure C1-1 1000

LP: 2Tone CDLTT 5002 /Chrysalis, UK, 1980

LP track listingEdit

All tracks composed by Neol Davies; except where indicated

Side oneEdit

  1. "Three Minute Hero" - 3.00
  2. "Everyday (Time Hard)" - 3.10
  3. "They Make Me Mad" (Pauline Black, Desmond Brown) - 2.47
  4. "Missing Words" - 3.22
  5. "Danger" (Selecter) - 2.38
  6. "Street Feeling" - 3.11
  7. "My Collie (Not A Dog)" (Robert Spencer, Johnny Roberts) - 2.45

(The US, Canadian, and Swedish releases of this album includes "On My Radio" as the first cut, change the name of "Everyday" to "Time Hard" and move "Three MInute Hero" to the last cut on Side One.)

Side twoEdit

  1. "Too Much Pressure" - 3.48
  2. "Murder" (Leon & Owen) - 2.39
  3. "Out On The Streets" - 3.28
  4. "Carry Go "Bring Come" (Justin Hinds) - 3.02
  5. "Black and Blue" (Pauline Black) - 3.17
  6. "James Bond" (Monty Norman) - 2.16

(The US, Canadian, and Swedish releases of this album includes "They Make Me Mad" as the third cut on Side Two.)

Five tracks on this album are cover versions: "My Collie (Not A Dog)" is a version of Millie's "My Boy Lollipop" rewritten to be about cannabis; "Murder" was originally recorded by Leon and Owen (Gray); "Carry Go Bring Come" was a hit record for Justin Hinds; "Everyday (Time Hard)" was originally recorded by The Pioneers as "Time Hard"; "James Bond" is a recording of the classic James Bond theme by Monty Norman, first done in a ska style by Roland Alphonso. [1]


The album cover design is by the artist David Storey.

The cover photo is of Steve Eaton.


  • Chrysalis / (BMG Ariola) 252 684-217 (German Mid-Price CD-re-issue), ca. 1987 (?)


  1. Wikipedia], 9.3.2012

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