Star Band Vol 1 Front

LP: Soumbaya Musique IK 3020


Star Band Vol 1 back2

First ed. front sleeve (?)[1]

Face A:

  1. Bamos Pa'al Monte (Cortijo y su Combo; Arr.: M. Casset) - Chant: Magatte N'Diaye
  2. Cheri Coco (Fate Gueye Dieng; Arr.: M. Casset) - Chant: Papa Djebe Fall
  3. Sene-Gambia (Arr.: M. Casset) - Chant: Magatte N'Diaye

Face B:

  1. Malaguena (Opido Ramirez) - Chant: Magatte N'Diaye
  2. Caramelo (U. Pacheco) - Chant: Papa Seck
  3. Thiely (Du Grand Combo; Arr.: Papa Seck) - Chant: Papa Seck

Star Band Vol 1 back

French ed. IK 3020 back sleeve


  1. Discography of Star Band de Dakar at Forest Beat retrieved 27.5.2010

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