Special Festac 77 in Nigeria by T.P. Orchestre Poly Rythmo of The Peoples Republic of Benin

ALS34 Cover A

Original releaseEdit

ALS 034 L A
ALS 034 L B

LP: Albarika Store ALS 034, Vol 2/77


  • Special Festac 77 in Nigeria (track over 2 sides and over full LP length)


  • Zoundegnon Bernard (g)
  • Papillon Adjanohoun (g)
  • Maximus (g)
  • Bentho Gustave (b)
  • Loko Pierre (sax)
  • Tidjani Kone (sax)
  • Koutouan Ossey (tr)
  • Theodore (tr)
  • Tidjani Kone (tr)
  • Yehouessi Leopold (dr)
  • Somassou Nestor (conga)
  • Lohento Eskill (voc)
  • Ahehehinnou Vincent (voc)
  • Kounkou Diak Theo (voc)
  • Agbemadon Paul Gabo (voc)
  • Melome Clement (voc)
  • Amenoudji Joseph Vicky (voc)
  • Zoundegnon Bernard Papillon (org, p)

Directed by Melome Clement. Realisation: Albarika Store. Recording: EMI Studio.

Photo: Photo Cine Shop

Sleeve printed in Nigeria by RMNL.

LP pressed by Records Manufacturers of Nigeria Limited

ALS34 Cover B

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