b. as Fatou Mangiang Diatta 1982 in Dakar, Senegal; Sister Fa is actually living in Berlin (2010) where she recorded her first album.

Sister Fa

Sister Fa picture by Michael Mann [1]

Sister Fa developed herself as a rap singer on the Dakar scene; according to her official biography "she took her first steps in music back in 2000 by getting acquainted with the local rap scene and recording her debut demo-tape." [2]

"In 2005 her efforts were rewarded with her first Senegalese Hip Hop Award. Since then, Sister Fa has become a pillar of the Senegalese hip hop scene, the best-known female rapper in the country and a role model for many young women. Her lyrics examine social, political and personal subjects, but she uses her music above all for her fight against the tradition of female genital cutting.

In January 2008 she organised the "Education sans Mutilation" tour to Senegal. Plans are being made for a continuation in 2010. Sister Fa works tirelessly for improvement in her native country, where she's a star. From her new base in the international sector of Berlin, equipped with her songs and winning temperament, Sister Fa is ready to spread the word to the world."




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