Nguashi N’timbo avec l'Orchestre Festival du Zaire: Shauri Yako

Nguashi ASLP001

This LP presented one new track, "Shauri Yako" and four tracks recorded already in 1977 for Ntimbo's label.


LP: ASLP 936 /Nairobi (?), ca. 1983 (not confirmed)


Side A:

  1. Cetoyen/Cetoyen
  2. Liwa/Liwa
  3. Mama/Mama

Side B:

  1. Shauri Yako
  2. Bosomele


Orchestre Festival du Zaire are [1]:

Other releasesEdit

Zambian pressingEdit

with different track listing, diffenrent cover but same cat.-no.

  • Nguashi N’timbo with l'Orchestra Festival of Zaire/ avec l'Orchestre Festival du Zaire: Shauri Yako! (LP: ASLP 936 / Zambia) - Tracks: Shauri Yako I (Ntimbo) / Shauri Yako II (Ntimbo) / Mami I (Stazoya Estha) / Mami II (Stazoya Estha) // Simakala I (Zele Kabambamba) / Simakala II (Zele Kabambamba) / Kabu I (Zele Kabambamba) / Kabu II (Zele Kabambamba) [2]


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