Pape Fall Cover A Front

b. Amadou Pape Fall on 3.7.1947 in Rufisque near Dakar in Senegal.

He started with Dakar Rhythme (1966), went on to L’Africain Jazz and joined the Youth Band of Dakar (1968). In 1971 he went on to the Super International Band of Labah Sosseh, in 1972 it was the Star Band de Dakar, where he met again Labah Sosseh, bit also Youssou N’Dour . Pape Fall recorded four LPs with the Star Band between 1976 and 1978 before starting a solo career with his own group, the Africa Band (later Nder de Dakar). From 1984 to 1992 re reunited with Ibra Kasse’s Star Band. After Kasse’s death he created another group of his own, the African Salsa, in 1995. His second cassette with this band, Doomou Ndeye, became core part of Stern’s/Earthworks’ African Salsa CD, released in 1998.



  • Nagou (K7)


  • Ka Jaraxam (K7)
  • Doomou Ndeye (K7)


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