"Bedermos (sic!) was the leader of Elegance Jazz. Their origins go back to Leopoldville of the 1950s but they didn't last long. The group disbanded in the 1960s. However, in the early 1970s Bedermos made a comeback with new material. ... "Ngalula Marthe", was a big hit for him. Although the musicians that played on these recordings are called Elegance Jazz, they were in fact Luna National, the band of Bohomba Boteku and Djo Mali." [1]

Ngalula Marthe "avait fait danser tout le congo à l'époque." [2]


  • 90.588 - Orchestre Élégance Jazz: Ngalula Marthe b/w Louise keba ba ngai [3]
  • 90.589 - Orchestre Élégance Jazz: Bilobela mabe b/w Tembe na mboloko
  • 90.629 - (Meke-Meke 13) Orchestre Élégance Jazz: Consultation b/w Kolinga moto 2
  • 90.754 - (Editions Meke-Meke 19) Orchestre Élégance Jazz: Tshabu b/w Bozoba ya mbua
  • 90.755 - (Editions Meke-Meke 20) Orchestre Élégance Jazz: Makengele b/w Exibition
  • 90.803 - (Meke-Meke 21) Orchestre Élégance Jazz: Kapinga Yaka Tobina b/w Okomi Tshelule
Ngalula Marthe (Baderemos) was re-issued on L'Afrique Danse (LP: African 360.050) together with another title Lisumu Lisango (Baderemos) [4] [5] and on African Pearls - Congo 70 : Rumba Rock (2CD: Syllart) [6]


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