Extraordinary Senegalese singer Omar Pene was born 1955 [1] or 1956 in Dakar's Medina or Derkle [2].

Omar Pene

In the 1970s a founding member and singer with Super Diamono he took part in developing the then new Senegalese popular music style of mbalax. All sources underline the band's "interesting fusion approach" [3] as well as their song texts which were never in the praise style but were transporting social issues.

Omar Pene went with the group until in 1991. He susequently reformed the band completely, recorded as "Omar Pene et le Super Diamono" and today as "Omar Pene".


For a complete discography see The African Music Homepage, Discography of Super Diamono by Toshira Endo [4] 1994

  • Omar Pene et le Super Diamono New Look: Diaspon (MC) [5]


  • Omar Pene and Super Diamono: Direct From Dakar (CD: WOMAD Select WSCD 102)


  • Omar Pene et le Super Diamono: Nanga Def (CD: Syllart SYLAF 96030)


  • Omar Pène & le Super Diamono: Navetanes (MC: Syllart SYLAF 96087)


  • Omar Pene: Myamba (CD) [6]


  • Ndam (CD)


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