CD: ARC Music EUCD 2413 [1]

(p) & (c) 2012 ARC Music Productions Int. Ltd.

"Itinerant musicians from Morocco - Groupe Sidi Mimoun with Abdenbi El Gadari and the group Ben Souda with Taïfa-Al Essawiya belong to the most impressive examples of the living North-African tradition, with call-and-response singing accompanied by the mighty bass guembri (3 stringed drum-lute) and the earthy sound of the qraqebs (metal “castagnets”), as well as many other Moroccan instruments." (From the linernotes)


Ben Souda - Beshmellah bdina (Issawa) 5:40; Beginning with the name of God.
Sidi Mimoun - Mimouna (Gnawa) 22:21; Name of a spirit.
Ben Souda: Farhat allika (Issawa) 5:28; The joy of meeting.
Ben Souda: Guebahi (Issawa) 1:51 Issawi rhythm.
Sidi Mimoun - Rihlat essayf (Gnawa) 5:50 The summer trip.
Ben Souda - Achraka nour (Issawa) 2:39; The light is rising.
Ben Souda - El guazia (Issawa) 5:45; The Gypsy dancer.
Sidi Mimoun - Guafla (Gnawa) 7:45; Caravan
Ben Souda - Lemjarrad (Issawi rhythm), Maoussim lehsad (Issawa) 5:25; Harvest time.
Ben Souda - Marhba belarssane (Issawa) 1:45; Welcoming the bride and groom.
Sidi Mimoun - Moussa bahri (Gnawa) 9:03; Name of a spirit.

Bonus track from EUCD 1626 The Music of Morocco

Nour-Eddine - Marhabat - 3:49


  1. ARC Music, 28.9.2014

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