• Matt Darriau Paradox Trio with Theodosii Spassov - Gambit (Brooklyn to Bulgaria) (CD: Enja ENJ 9474-2)
1. Theo's Gambit
2. Maichinko
3. Paidushko
4. Point
5. Faux
6. Free Gaida
7. Čoček i Gong
8. Tudorka
  • Matt Darriau (as, cl, faux cl, gaida
  • Brad Shepik (electric g)
  • Rufus Cappadocia (5-string cello)
  • Seido Salifoski (dumbek, perc)
  • Matt Kilmer (perc on "Tudorka")
  • Theodosii Spassov (kaval, voc)

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