LP: African 360.157 (France)

(p) 1986; Ditribution exclusive SonoDisc, 85 rue de Fondary, 75015 Paris

Made in France - Imp. S.N.A.

Los Nickelos - Merveilles du Passé 1966 (African 360157) CA 1000

Front cover


Face A

  1. Ewaso Manita (Jo Rino)
  2. Mboka Mopaya (Jo Rino)
  3. Revelation Bolingo Ya Nzambe (Zatho)
  4. Pierre Mabelwanga (Zatho)
  5. Natlys (Zizi)
  6. Oyebi Lisusu? Odette (Zizi)

Face B

  1. Bolingo Ya Telephone (Zizi)
  2. Nazali e Wa Yo (Macky)
  3. YoYou [1] (Masta)
  4. I Solicito El Dolor (Zatho)
  5. Nzinzi Epesi Yo Trouble (Zatho)
  6. Rosy Consolation (Zatho)


Ed. Paka Siye



  1. On cover it's written "YouYou", but the spelling on the record and on the singing is "YoYou"; rp.braunov

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