Legalize It was a single released by a Berlin band called Z with a fine contribution by trombonist Rico Rodriguez.

Legalize Erdbeereis CA

7"-single: Rocktopus 102 017 - 100 /German pressing) (p) 5/1980

The single was released in May 1980 after Rico was in town with The Specials for the second time. The song remained the group's biggest and only success.



  • Legaize Erdbeereis (Z)


  • Big Blue Caddilac (Z)


  • David Mc Cormack (voc)
  • Michael Kurzawa (g)
  • Klemens Domning (b)
  • Johannes Fuchs (keyb)
  • Gerhard Helle (dr)


Many thanks to

  • Michael Stein (sax on Legaize Erdbeereis)
  • Keith West (perc on Legalize Erdbeereis)

Arranged by Bernd Ramien and Z. Recorded at Paragon Studio, Berlin. Engineered by Matthias Härtl. Produced by Bernd Ramien.Coproduced by Z.

Coverdesihn and artwork by CE 33, Berlin. Photos: Dieter Persien. Graphics: Wolfgang Ratkowski


  • Berlin. Neues aus der Frontstadt, von Rudolf O. Wagner, in: Sounds 9/1980, p. 8/9

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