CD/LP release on ECM, Cat.-No. ECM 2499, release date: 23.9.2016

ECM 2499@800

ECM 2499, 24.9.2016

On his second leader album for ECM – following on from the prizewinning Gefion - Danish guitarist Jakob Bro continues to refine his trio project, with its emphases on melody, sound, space, layered textures and interaction. The rapport between Bro and Thomas Morgan (Bro calls him “my musical soul mate”) has become something extraordinary, and often guitarist and bassist develop improvisational ideas in parallel. There’s an historical aptness, too, in the choice of Joey Baron as the band’s new drummer, for Bro first encountered Morgan when the bassist was playing in Baron’s band a decade ago… On Streams Joey Baron dives into the music’s detail with obvious pleasure. This recording features five new Bro pieces: “Opal”, “Full Moon Europa”, “Shell Pink”, “Sisimiut” and “Heroines” (heard in both a trio version and a particularly lovely solo version). Completing the album’s repertoire is the freely improvised “PM Dream”, dedicated to the late Paul Motian. Jakob’s approach to melody acknowledges the influence of Motian, and both Bro and Morgan played in the late drummer’s ensembles . Recorded at Studios La Buissonne in the South of France in November 2015 and produced by Manfred Eicher, Streams is issued on the eve of a major tour by the Bro-Morgan-Baron trio with dates in Denmark, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine and South Korea. (Source: ECM WebSite [1]



  1. Opal (Jakob Bro) 04:40
  2. Heroines (Jakob Bro) 05:35
  3. PM Dream (Jakob Bro, Thomas Morgan, Joey Baron) 09:37
  4. Full Moon Europa (Jakob Bro) 10:19
  5. Shell Pink (Jakob Bro) 08:17
  6. Heroines (Var.) (Jakob Bro) 02:33
  7. Sisimiut (Jakob Bro) 07:30


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