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ECM Records Catalogue

Cat.-Nos. 1000-1499Edit

  • 1001 - Mal Waldron Trio - Free At Last, ℗ 1969, Recorded November 24, 1969 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Engineer: Kurt Rapp, Produced by "Manfred Scheffnfr + Jazz by Post" (LP: ECM 1001; reissue on CD: ECM 1001) [1]
Released in Japan as UCCE-3001 and UCCE-9080 and UCCE-9200, EAN: 0042283133228
  • 1002 - Just Music (LP)
  • 1038 - Art Lande, Jan Garbarek - Red Lanta, 1974
  • 1048 - John Abercrombie, Jan Hammer, Jack DeJohnette - Timeless LP, 1975; reissue on CD; LP, reissue: 7.10.2016 [2]
  • 1089 - Egberto Gismonti - Dança das Cabeças, LP: 1978, CD/LP reissue: 7.10.2016 [3]

  • 1120 - Bill Connors - Of Mist And Melting (LP, 1978; CD: ECM 1120 /847 324-2, 1990) [4]
  • 1211/12 - The Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Urban Bushmen, 1982 (2CD: ECM 1211/12 / 829 394-2)
"Recorded at a 1980 concert in Munich, Urban Bushmen not only provides an excellent summation of the Art Ensemble of Chicago's work since 1966, but also substantiates the group's reputation for putting on intense and inspired shows. The album centers around three extended pieces: reed player Joseph Jarmen's "Theme for SCO," the group's "Urban Magic," and reed player Roscoe Mitchell's "Uncle." Over the course of these multi-part "suites," the group effectively blurs the lines between jazz and free jazz, deftly working through New Orleans' marches, turbulent hard bop, highlife/reggae rhythms, and minimalist sound sculptures; while Jarmen, Mitchell, and trumpeter Lester Bowie come up with consistently varied and surprising solo/tandem contributions, drummer Don Moye and bassist Malachi Favors expand the sound with an array of percussion effects and humorous interjections (sirens, car horns, megaphone rants). Moye and Favors are also featured on the percussion vehicles "Promenade: Cote Bamako I & II," "Bush Magic," and "Sun Preconditions II." The set is balanced out by melancholic and sweet ballads by Bowie and Mitchell ("New York Is Full of Lonely People" and "Peter and Judith," respectively). This is one of the Art Ensemble's best recordings, but due to its intense breadth it might not be an ideal first purchase for newcomers. The best entry point into the group's catalog would be a studio record like Nice Guys (1978) or Third Decade (1984)."[5] [6]
  • 1294 - Jan Garbarek - It's Ok To Listen To The Grey Voice (CD: ECM 1294)
  • 1419 - Jan Garbarek - I Took Up The Runes (CD: ECM 1419)
  • 1442 - Jan Garbarek - Ragas and Sagas (CD: ECM 1442)
  • 1475 - Miroslav Vitous, Jan Garbarek - Atmos (CD: ECM 1475, 513 373-2), 1993
  • 1478 - John Surman/John Warren - The Brass Project (CD, ECM 1478, 517 362-2, 1993)


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