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Singles/single sidesEdit

  • "Western Standard Time" - Prod.: Derrick Morgan; released on: Jennifer Jones: "Tennants" b/w Reco Rodriquez: "Western Standard Time" (7": Crab /Pama CRAB 55 /UK)
  • "Jaded Ramble" - unknown producer; released on: Solomon Jones: "Here Comes The Night" b/w Reco Rodriquez: "Jaded Rumble" (7": Pama PM 812 /UK)
  • "It's Love" - Prod.: Siggy Jackson; released as 7"-side: Columbia Blue Beat DB-119-B /UK
  • Bunny Lee Allstars: "Brotherly Love" - Prod: Bunny Lee; released on 7"side: Escort /Pama ES 818-B /UK;

Des Bryan / Webster Shrowder productionsEdit

  • Deas All Stars feat. Freddie Notes: "Night Food Reggae" - released on 7"-side: Grape /Trojan GR 3014-A /UK
  • Des All Stars feat. Rico: "Walk With Des" (aka "Further Look") - released on 7"-side: Grape /Trojan GR 3014-B /UK; Ref.: "Man In The Street" re-issues in 2003 on: V.A.: Dancehall '69 (40 Skinhead Reggae Rarities) (CD: Trojan TJDDD 051 /UK)
  • Des All Stars: "If I Had A Hammer" - released on 7"-side: Grape /Trojan GR 3015-A /UK
  • Des All Stars feat. Rico: "Hammer Reggae" - released on 7"-side: Grape /Trojan GR 3015-B /UK
  • Des All Stars feat. Rico: "Black Scorcher" - released on 7"-side: Grape /Trojan GR 3016-B /UK
  • "Judgement" (aka "Going West") - Prod.: Max Romeo; sometimes prod. credits are given to Des Bryan & Webster Shrowder (or: Shrowder/Bryan/Sinclair); released on: Selwyn Baptiste: "Mo' Bay (Montego Bay)" b/w Reco's All Stars: "Going West" (7": Black Swan BW 1402 /UK); issued in JA on Soul Sound with Matrix # BW 1402-B titled "Judgement" and credited producers: Max Romeo & Bunny Lee (cf. Turner 2003, p.377; also Alain Salvi, 2005); re-released on 7"-side: Wimpex 45-4060 /UK, 1970s; re-issued in a remixed version: Des All Stars feat. Rico: "Gone West" (extended version) b/w Des All Stars: "West Side" (12": Black Joy DH 807 /UK), produced by Desmond Popsy & Benup, 1980; re-issued as Rico & Des All Stars: "Going West" (3:25) on: Rico & Friends: Going West (CD: Creole Records CT 3027 /UK, 2002) and as: Rico Rodriguez: "Judgement" on: Max Romeo: Ultimate Collection (CD: Hip-O /Island /US, 2003)

Joe Mansano ProductionsEdit

  • Dice the Boss: "Tea House From Emperoro Rosko" - released on 7"-side: Joe JRS 03-B; Dice The Boss is: Hopeton Reid
  • Joe The Boss: "Skinhead Revolt" - released on 7"-side: Joe JRS 09-A /UK; re-issued 2003 on V.A.: Young Gifted And Black (CD with the book of the same title by Michael de Koningh & Laurence Cane-Honeysett). They describe the track: "A heavy UK production from Joe Mansano with DJ Dice The Boss and trombone player Rico Rodriguez combining to great effect. Not a well-known record at the time, but since has become highly sought after and is certainly one of the best 'made for skinheads' records."
  • Joe The Boss feat. Rico: "Brixton Is Free" - released on 7"-side: Joe JRS 16-B /UK

Various producersEdit

  • Rico & Martin Riley: Reggae Meeting - Prod. by Martin Riley; released on 7"-side: Punch PH 42-A /UK
  • Martin All Stars: "Soulbone" (Reggae Meeting version?) - Prod. by Martin Riley; released on 7"-side: Punch PH 42-B /UK
  • Lee's Allstars: "Annie Pama" - released on 7"-side: Pama PM 803-A /UK
  • Bunny Lee Allstars: "Brotherly Love" - released on 7"-side: Escort ES 818-B /UK
  • Nehemiah Reid All Stars: "Hot Pepper" - released on 7"-side: Hot Shot HS 03-A /UK; instrumental


  • Rico: "Continental Shuffle" (aka "Red Cow") - released on 7"-side: Pama PM 798-B /UK


Singles/single sidesEdit

  • Don Reco: "Waterloo Rock" - Prod. by Bush (Lloyd A. Campbell)- released on 7"-side: Big Shot BI 587-A /UK
  • Reco: "Plus One" - Prod.: Rico Rodriguez / Sid Bucknor; released on 7"-side: Upsetter Pre ERT 859-B /Ja; released as: Slim Smith: "My Girl" b/w Reco: Plus One" 7": Escort /Pama ERT 895 /UK; "Plus One" is a "straight added horns version of "Surplus" by The Upsetters, which was first released on Lee Perry's Africa's BloodDiscogs album that same year. A version of "My Girl" is also present on Africa's Blood which indicated an early - indirect (?) - collaboration betwen Lee Perry and Rico (message by coxzone/Rolf, 4.4.2007)
  • Rico: "Back Street" b/w "Nobody Knows" - Producer: Clancy Collins; released as 7": Duke DU 75 /UK; Not issued??)
  • Rico & Satch: "Surprise" (aka "Surprise Package") - Producer: Larry Lawrence; released as Rico & Satch: "Surprise" b/w Pete Johnson: "I'm Sorry" (7": Duke DU 96 /UK). "A couple of compilation albums allegedly saw the light of day [on LLs label Ethnic ca. 1973, B.], namely Music Galore and Surprise Package, the latter featuring the trombone talents of Rico Rodriguez, although we've never seen a copy." (Koningh 2004, p. 118)
  • Laurie Aitken's All Stars: "Strong Back" -Prod.: Harry Mudie, ca. 1971/1972; re-release on 7": Afro HM R&B 10127-B, ca. early 2000s
  • Valentine Brown, feat. Rico: "Since I Met You" b/w "Reco's version" - Prod. by Valentine Brown

released on 7": Saucy Boy SB 2 /UK; year not confirmed


Singles/single sidesEdit

  • War Is Not The Answer (Pts. I and II) - Prod.: Lloyd Coxson; released as: Lester Sterling: "War Is Not The Answer (Part I)" b/w Rico: "War Is Not The Answer (Part II)" (7": Ashanti ASH 410 /UK); Part I reissued in 2002 as "Harbour View Special" on: Lester Sterling: Sterling Silver (CD: Heartbeat /US)
  • Slim Smith: "The Time Has Come" - Prod.: Bunny Lee; released on 7"-side: Pama PM 850-A /UK
  • Rico & Bunny Lee All Stars (aka The Aggrovators): "The Time Has Come Version" - Prod.: Bunny Lee; released on 7"-side: Pama PM 850-B /UK
  • Jumbo Sterling's Allstars: "Hot Dog" - Prod. by Jack Price; released on 7"-side: Sioux SI 019-A /UK (short version + overdubs)


Singles /single sidesEdit

  • Rico & The Mohawks: "Old Lady" - released on: Father Sketto: Murder In The Place b/w The Untouchables [aka Rico & The Mohawks]: Old Lady (7": Pama PM 877 /UK)
  • Rico: "Keep The Faith" (aka "Reach For The Sky") - Prod. by Ranny Williams (UK)/Lloyd Charmers; released as: Junior English: "Garden Party" b/w Derrick Morgan ("actually by Rico Rodriguez And The Charmers' Band", Koningh 2004, p. 322): "Reach For The Sky (7": Pama Supreme PS 381 /UK)


As band memberEdit

  • The Undivided: Listen To The World (LP: Decca /UK), with singer Gene Rondo

1975 Edit

Singes/single sidesEdit

  • Rico: "Stoke Newington Hop" - Produced by Count Shelly; released on: Brenton King: "Mama Say" b/w Rico: "Stokenewington Hop" (7": Penguin PEN 01 /UK); "It is probably the flip side of this that really wins the plaudits. 'Mama Say' has a good driving rhythm track but, depending on your personal taste, suffers a bit as a result of having strings dubbed on. 'Stoke Newington Hop' uses the same music with Rico doing his thing over the top." (Koningh 2004, p. 205)


Soloist onEdit



  • Rico: "Africa" b/w "Afro Dub" - Prod. by Karl Pittersen; released on 7": Island WIP 6399 /UK

Soloist onEdit

  • Yusuf Ali (aka Prince Buster All Stars): "Uganda" - prod. by Prince Buster; released on 7"-side: Prince Buster DSR 2305 /Jamaica


  • Rico: Man From Wareika (LP: Island ILPS 9485 /UK, Blue Note /US) - re-issue on CD: Island CID 9485 (not available, 2005)
  • Rico: Man From Wareika Dub (Warrika Dub) (LP: Island PRE-LP 1 /UK or Ghetto Rockers PRE-LP 1); re-release on CD (Japan only), June 2004

Soloist onEdit



  • Rico: "Dial Africa (live)" b/w "Dial Dub" - Prod. by Karl Pitterson, releasec on 12": Island IPR 2002 /UK
  • Rico: "Ska Wars" b/w "Ramble" - Prod. unknown (A); Karl Pitterson (B) - released on 12": Island IRP 2006 /UK


Soloist onEdit

  • "Certain Surprise" on: John Martyn: One World (LP: Island ILPS 9492) - It's almost straight easy listening, a tinkling bossa-nova, with Harry Robinson's lush orchestration and one of the melee of visitors to Woolwich Hall Farm, Rico Rodriguez, plying an incredible sweet trombone solo. Martyn was delighted with his ability: "Rico walked in, played the one solo and walked out," he recalls. "I couldn't believe it. It was a difficult tune - semitones all over the place, a tricky little number - and then he walked in and did it in one. I love Rico. One of my favorite people in the world. A gentle man. He reminds me of Scratch. Same build, same vibe. Quote from the booklet to the 2004 reissue of One World as "deluxe edition"
  • Delroy Washington: Rasta (LP: Frontline /Virgin)
  • Third World All Stars: Rebel Rock (LP: Third World TWLP 103) [1], reissued in 2013 by Pressure Sounds [2]


  • "Dial Africa (live)" on: V.A.: This Is Reggae Music (2LP: Island 300.330 /NL) and on V.A.: This Is Reggae Music (2LP: Island /Ariola 300 331-370, DE), 1977 [3]



  • Rico: Midnight In Ethiopia (LP: Island ILPS 9516 -?-) - This LP has never been released; the 12" Island singles of the time were probably the core of this LP project by Island (not by Rico!)

Soloist onEdit

  • Burning Spear: Living Dub (LP: (Island) PRELP 3 /UK) - reissued in 1992 in a completely different mix and in 2003 in the original mix



  • Rico: "Take Five" b/w "Soundcheck" - released as 12": Island IRP 2016 /UK; "Take Five" was also released on V.A.: Reggae Island (LP: Island 30 247 /D, side 1, track 1)
  • Rico: "Children Of Sanchez" b/w "Children Of Sanchez" / "You Really Got Me" - Prod. by Dennis Bovell (A), Dennis Bovell, Leslie Palmer & John Burns (B); released as 12": Island IPR 2030 /UK

As a band memberEdit

Soloist onEdit

  • Linton Kwesi Johnson: "Want Fi Go Rave" b/w "Want Fi Go Rave Version" - Prod. by LKJ; released as 7": Island WIP 6494 /UK
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson: "Want Fi Go Rave" (Long version Parts 1 & 2) b/w "Reality Poem" (Long version Parts 1 & 2) - Prod. by LKJ; released as 12": Island 12XWIP 6494 /UK
  • The Members: "Offshore Banking Business" - released on 7"-side: Virgin VS 248-A /UK
  • Steel Pulse: "Sound System" b/w "Campers Style" (dub) - Prod. by Karl Pitterson; released as 7": Island WIP 6490 /UK
  • Steel Pulse: "Sound System" b/w "Babylon Makes The Rules" - Prod. by Karl Pitterson; released as 12": Island 12WIP 6490 /UK


As band memberEdit

  • The Specials: The Specials (LP: 2Tone /Chrysalis) - re-issue on CD: Chrysalis

Soloist onEdit

  • Linton Kwesi Johnson: Forces Of Victory (LP: Island /UK) - Prod. by LKJ - re-issued 1995 on CD (Island and Mango Reggae Refreshers)
  • Steel Pulse: Tribute To The Martyrs (LP: Island /UK)
  • Wailing Souls: Wild Suspense (LP: Island /UK) - re-issued 1995 on CD (Island Reggae Refreshers)


  • V.A.: Intensified! (LP: Island, 1979)


  1. Album feat. Rico Rodriguez and Tan Tan Thornton, rec in London (cfr. Koningh 2004, p. 115); seeRoots Archives, (20.6.2014) they don't give credits to Rico who's nevertheless playing on several tracks
  2. United Reggae: Third World All Stars' Rebel Rock is easy to like by Erik Magni, Sunday, April 14, 2013 (20.6.2014)
  3. Discogs, 3.3.2012

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