w/ Dick Cuthell at Gaz Rockin' Club in London


"Last night I went to Gaz's Rockin Blues in Soho and saw an absolutely blinding show by Rico and his band featuring special guest Dick Cuthell. I nearly didn't go because i've got a cold and I knew it would be on very late and I had work today so I it would mean I'd only get and hour or so's sleep. However, at about 11pm last night I just thought, "sod it" and headed off to Wardour St. I'm really glad I did because it was magic. I took a lot of photos so I'll put some up later. (I think) Dick Cuthell's son filmed it all so maybe some of it will be up in You tube? The whole band was great, especially the sax player. The funny thing was that aside from rico's mates i was one of the oldest people there. I'd guess the average age of the pack was about 22." [1]


"In the first photo Gaz is introducing Rico explaining to these young people that he played on lots of groundbreaking records etc. Before he came on stage there were lots of great records playing, mostly old ska classics. But Gaz said that the last track we heard was brand new. He explained that Jerry Dammers had asked him to play a new track because he wanted to see how the club reacted. The new track which is a collaboration between Jerry, Dick and Rico is really good. I think it's the most radio friendly thing Jerry's been involved with for a couple of decades. It went down really well and the crowd were all dancing away. then Rico & the band started playing and it was fantastic. Cuthell Junior looked very proud of his Dad and rightly so. It was an absolutely brilliant set. Dick Cuthell is such a one off. It was really, really fun to see him dancing away as he played. Him and Rico work so well together. The music they played was so exciting and fresh and infectious. It was really, really good." [2]


  1. The Specials Online Community, comment by Harry on Oct., 29, retrieved 2.11.2010
  2. The Specials Online Community, comment by Harry on Oct., 29, retrieved 2.11.2010; there are some more pics

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