Jazz band based in Berlin, but with culturally diverse influences. Cyminology primarily perform with Persian lyrics sung by Cymin Samawatie, who has Iranian and German heritage. The lyrics are frequently influenced by classical Persian poetry. The music of the quartet is a synthesis of contemporary jazz, classical and other elements. The band is probably most noteworthy for having gone on tour in the Middle East region in 2007 and the Caucasus region in 2008 as representatives of the Goethe-Institut and for having won the title Best Band on the National Level of the Creole Global Music Contest in 2012. [1]

Band membersEdit



  • Get strong (CD: self-released)


  • Per Se (CD: Doublemoon)


  • Bemun (CD: Doublemoon DMHCR 71058)
01 Gofteguje man
02 Aresuje didar
03 Porr Kon
04 Bemun (Naomi)
05 Sia
06 Bi deldari
07 Sefied
08 Gosara
09 Sabs
10 Sochan schenass
11 Meloton
12 Sard


  • As Ney (2009) (CD: ECM 2084 /Universal 1780149)
01 As Ney
02 Niyaayesh
03 Kalaam/Dassthaa/Delbasstegi
04 Sendegi
05 Por se ssedaa
06 Naagofte
07 As Ssafar
08 Ashkhaa


  • Saburi (CD: ECM 2164) [2]


  • Phoenix (CD: ECM 2397) [3]
Cymin Samawatie vocals
Benedikt Jahnel piano
Ralf Schwarz double bass
Ketan Bhatti drums, percussion
Martin Stegner viola
Che Gune Ast
Baraaye Ranj
Harire Buse
Talaash Makon
Phoenix Part 1
Phoenix Part 2
Baraaye To


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  3. "Wir haben im Rainbow-Studio Oslo mit Produzent Manfred Eicher (ECM) unsere nunmehr dritte Platte für das Label eingespielt. Sie wird der persischen Dichterin des 20. Jahrhunderts Forough Farrokhzad gewidmet sein. Einen Vorgeschmack auf das Album, das voraussichtlich im Februar 2015 erscheinen wird, gibt es in unserem Trailer." (Cyminology, News, 5.11.2014



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