Coumba Gawlo Seck, b. 1972 in Senegal; a first cassette was released in 1990 (Seytane). Pop oriented music.



  • Coumba Gawlo (Africando/Syllart SYLAF 9603)
Tracks: Aldiana / Sey / Dépende / Djirim / Deweneti / Dagotte /Djeuf / Miniyamba / Samaxol
  • Yo Malé (Ariola BMG France 74321 59582 2)
Tracks: Pata Pata / Homeless / Je suis venue te dire que je M'en vais / Xale Bi / Attends-moi / Amine / fa fa fa fa fa fa (Sad Song) / Waxcat Bi / Yo Malé / Kor-Dior / Sénégal / Fat Kine

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