Bruno BR 50124 BB 1000

Rumania and her Gypsies in Hi-Fi Volume 4' Barbu Lautaru Folk Orchestra of Bucharest under Ionel Budisteanu and Nicu Stanescu

Bruno Hi-Fi BP 50124 (mono)

(c) 1960 Muicart International Ltd.


Side A

  1. Jocul Din Buzau
  2. Old Gypsy Cart
  3. Doyna Oravitza
  4. Botosanca
  5. Filaret Barbu-Reshitzane
  6. Alunelul Dance
  7. Hora Lui Nata

Side B

  1. Vlasca Melody
  2. Sirba
  3. Braul Pe Sase
  4. Calusul
  5. I Have A Little Sweetheart
  6. Concert Hora
  7. De Doi Din


  • Barbu Lautaru Folk Orchestra of Bucharest (tracks A1, 2, 4, 7, B1-3, 7)
  • Rumanian Radio Folk Orchestra of Bucharest (tracks A3, 6 B6)
  • Rumanian Radio Chorus of Bucharest (A5)
  • Folk Orchestra of Bucharest (B4)
  • Radu Voinescu (A3)
  • Constantin Petruvice (A5)
  • Victor Predescu (A6)
  • Marin Constantin (B4)
  • Ionel Budisteanu (B6)
  • Nicu Stanescu

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