Bratsch are a French-based music ensemble using influences from Romani music, klezmer, jazz and many diverse folk traditions. The group was formed in 1975 by guitarist Dan Gharibian and violinist Bruno Girard, and has released more than ten albums to date. The group is renowned for the diversity of its musical influences and for the virtuosity of its members and guest artists.



  • Bratsch - Portrait - Nomades en Vol (2CD-Box: Network 25.193)
1-1 Sirba D'Accordéon

1-2 Paploma 1-3 Yes Kou Rimet Tchem Guidi 1-4 Joulik 1-5 A Romalei Te Djilas 1-6 Maminka 1-7 Er Nemo Klantz 1-8 Avreimel Der Marvikher 1-9 Chiar Daca Dau De Necaz 1-10 Joc / Humus Blues 1-11 Le Ridovani 1-12 Maruzella 1-13 Nane Tsora 1-14 Bayat/Traditional Arrangement 1-15 Irinaki 1-16 Fratelli 1-17 Dan's Freilach 1-18 Dan's Freilach 2 1-19 Mangeur De Lune 2-1 Doina Ivoire 2-2 Sirba Ivoire 2-3 Johnny 2-4 Hassapo Servico 2-5 Yossik 2-6 Rien Dans Les Poches 2-7 Hanané 2-8 Mélodie Si Hora Lautareasca 2-9 Postor 2-10 To Praktorio 2-11 Roumskat 2-12 Kani Vour Djanim 2-13 Bi Lovengo 2-14 Jira Jira 2-15 Frago Sîryani 2-16 Peylet's Freilach

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