Blow Your Horn featuring Rico & The Rudies

Blow Your Horn

Original releaseEdit

Blow Your Horn V2
Blow Your Horn Back


  • LP: Trojan TTL 12
  • LP: DownTown TTL 12



  • as: Blow Your Horn / Brixton Cat (CD: Trojan CDTRL 361 /UK)


  • Blow Your Horn (CD, LP: Trojan TTL 12 /UK)

Tracks Edit

  • Rico: "Reco´s Message" (unknown)
  • Rico: "Niyah Man" (Osbourne/Riley)
  • Rico: "Jumping The Gun" (Rico)
  • Dandy: "The Lion Sleeps" (unknown)
  • Dandy: "I´m Your Puppet" (Penn/Oldham)
  • Rico: "Caribbean Serenade" (Thompson)
  • Rico: "Quando Quando" (Carmona/Ceratte/Loria/Tate)
  • Rico: "Session Man" (Thompson)
  • Dandy & The Israelites: "Doctor Sure Shot" (unknown)
  • The Israelites: "Muma Muma" (Cameron)
  • Rico: "Biafra" (unknown)


The Rudies are:

  • Earl Dunn (lead g)
  • Ardley White (b)
  • Sonny Binns (org)
  • Danny Smith (dr)

Prod. by Robert Thompson

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