2012 01 02 SZ Baloji B 800

Photographer: Alexander Popelier



Several videos are presented on Baoji official YouTube channel; not available in Germany and ... [1] thumb|300px|right|Le Jouir d'Après thumb|300px|right|Karibu ya bintou thumb|300px|right|Karibu ya Bintou faet. Konono No. 1




  • Kinshasa Succursale (CD: Crammed /BE) [3] [4]


  1. The video for Baloji's remake of Independence Cha Cha is also posted here at Matsuli Music blog, 25.23.2011, 4.2.2012.
  2. Matsuli Music blog, 31.1.2012, 4.2.2012
  3. Review in: Songlines Nr. 81, Jan./Feb. 2012, p. 66, ad, p. 37
  4. Crammed Discs, 18.1.2012


Official Web sidesEdit

  • How do you answer the question "How are you?" when the person asking is your mother in the Congo that you haven't seen in over 20 years. You make her an album, of course ..., Words: Andy Morgan, Portrait: Nicolas Karakatsanis, in: Songlines Nr. 81, Jan./Feb. 2012, pp.42-45
    • "... with heart and creative soul intact to become one of the most innovative African artists of the here and now ... "
  • Der Hexenmeister. Wie der kongolesisch-belgische Rapper Baloji Folklore mit Polit-Hip-Hop fusioniert, von Jonathan Fischer, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2.1.2012

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