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African 360124 front

African 360 124 /France

This record contains early music by Franco & OK Jazz. It's the first release by the African label in a series called Autheniticité.


Face A

  • Na Banzi Zozi (Mujos)
  • Maria De Mi Vida (Mujos)
  • Bolingo Ya Mbongo Mabe (Mujos)
  • La Mulata Congolaisa (Mujos)
  • Olongi Yo Mayi Ya Bwatu (Mujos)
  • Nono Bolingo Na Mujos (Mujos)

Face B

  • Na Ko Banza Mama Na Bwana (Mujos)
  • Sakina Jacky (Mujos)
  • Sentiment Poto Poto (Mujos)
  • Mobembo Mabe Boye (Franco)
  • Ndale Mi Querida (Franco)
  • Bebe Ngai Na Zongi (Piccolo)


  • Mulamba 'Mujos' (voc)
  • Munsi 'Kwami' (voc)
  • Lutumba Simarro /rhythm g)
  • Tshiamala 'Piccolo' (b)
  • Moke 'Simon' (ts)
  • Musekiwa 'Isaac' (ts)
  • Albino (as)
  • Bosuma 'Dessoir' (tumbas)
  • Luambo 'Franco' (solo g, lead voc)
OK Jazz, back


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