born 1947 in USSR and studied clarinet in Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

Vapirov is living in Varna/Bulgaria and is organiser of a summer jazz festival in the same city.


Much of his work sice the 1990s appears on his own label AVA Reords.


  • Vapirov Project - East - West (CD: AVA 0002)


  • Anatoly Vapiroy, Harry Tavitian - There's Always a Hope (CD: AVA 0003)


  • Vapirov Project - Waltz Street (CD: AVA 0004)
  • Milcho Leviev / Anatoly Vapirov ‎– Concert By The Black Sea (CD: AVA 0005 / Varna/Bulgaria)
Tracks: 1. In A Sentimental Mood 7:23 / 2. Lullaby Of Birdland 8:18 / 3. Sugar 4:06 / 4. What's New 7:40 / 5. What Is This Thing Called Love 5:05 / 6. Angel Eyes 6:12 / 7. Summertime 11:22. - Credits: Milcho Leviev (p), Anatoly Vapirov (ts). - Recorded live in Varna, Bulgaria, 1993-10-19, Sound Engineer: Deyan Timnev, Cover: Dimitar Traichev, Co-produced by Anatoly Vapirov and DZU Stock Company [1]


  1. Discogs, 8.2.2013

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