African Hits was a series of compact tapes whih apeared in 7 volumes on the Rwandan market during the 1980s. Vols. 1 to 5 compiled real African hits of the time, mostly from Zaire and Cameroun, but also some Zouk. Vol. 6 was dediceted to Mbilia Bel and Vol. 7 to Franco. [1]


African Hits Vol. 1Edit

Cat.-No.: IMD 10510. The songs compiled here are from 1981 to 1983.


Side One:

  1. Le téléphone sonne (Souzy Kasseya)
  2. Yo yo yo (Asi Kapela)
  3. Dédé Priscila (Lea Lignanzi)
  4. Ma Coco (lubadika Porthos)

Side Two:

  1. Mariage forcé (Popol Mansiamina)
  2. Affaires du coeur (Pamelo Mounk'a)
  3. Chérie Maguy (Fidèle Zizi)
  4. L'argent appelle l'argent (Freddy Kebano) [2]

African Hits Vol. 2Edit

Cat.-No.: IMD 10511


Side One:

A. Sam Mangwana

1. Maria Tebbo
2. Bana Ba Cameroun

B. Theo Blaise Kounkou

3. Celia
4. Chérie Sylla

Side Two:

C. Bopol Mansiamina

1. Samedi soir
2. Afric' Ambiance

D. Bumba Massa

3. Sous Marin

African Hits Vol. IIIEdit

Cat.-No. IMD-10516


Side One

A. Sam Fan Thomas

1. African Typic Collection
2. Sabina
3. Mwogo

B. Tamwo Isidore

4. Tchouanou

Side Two

1. Lucia

C. Moni Bile

2. O Si Tapa Lambo Lam
3. 'atemeli na bobo

D. Souzy Kasseya

4. Le téléphone sonne (new version)

E. Ekendengue

5. Ndjuke


  1. Actually we don't know anything about the wheres and whos behind these cassettes, which were, as far as we know, with a hand full of exceptions the only offer of music from the African music scene available in Rwanda.
  2. This is aninstumental version of Mounk'a's hit

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